Advocacy Platform
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CTHFA’s Platform


“Come back to us with a realistic wish list of what we can do to enhance the willingness of hedge funds to form and stay here” … Chris “Kip” Hall, Chairman, CT’s Leadership in Corporation and Business Law Commission.


·      Defeat proposed House Bill 7313!


·      Create an “enterprise zone” for investment advisors modeled after existing CT Enterprise Zone legislation.


·      CT investment adviser registration: Adoption of the SEC’s “relying adviser” approach – which would allow an investment adviser with a separate fund general partner entity to not have to register both the investment adviser and general partner entities. 


·      CT investment adviser registration: Implementation of 5 client de minimus exemption for investment advisers with regulatory AUM of less than $25 million (to match the same registration exemption in NYS).


·      Eliminate / reduce ) CT’s estate tax.


·      Eliminate the gift tax (CT is the only state with a gift tax!).  Read what some of our wealthy citizens have to say about this silly tax Here.


·      Work to lower the state income tax rate.


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