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The Mission of Global Diversified Fund Management is to provide Investors the best risk-adjusted returns available on an ongoing basis. GDFM’s proprietary products and portfolio construction technologies allows investors to customize their investments’ leverage to meet their specific risk tolerance and return objectives.

The Global Diversified Flagship Program “The Fund”
GDFM’s Flagship Program, which is executed as both a Fund and for Managed Accounts, currently has a 36 month track-record boasting a risk-adjusted return consistently ranking between first and third place among the world’s 10 largest CTAs, each managing in excess of $8 billion in assets. Two of these top ranking CTAs are closed to new business.

Custom Hedging Portfolios:
GDFM’s team of quantitative analysts in conjunction with our proprietary trading strategies and portfolio construction tools can build customized hedging platform to meet the specific risk and alpha requirements of Commodity Trading Advisors, Fund of Funds, Hedge Funds, and Physicals traders.

Proprietary Market Making Technology:
GDFM possesses over 100 high frequency trading (HFT) strategies capable of adding significant liquidity to many of the futures, FX, ETF and ETN markets. Adding liquidity to these markets generates considerable revenue, in the form of rebates, paid by the exchanges.

Product Structuring Methodology:
GDFM currently holds a patent pending product structuring and tranching method capable of converting any single investment into two distinct financial products; a guaranteed return product and high yield product.

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