The Forefront Group Ltd.

100 Broadway, Suite 600 (corner of Wall Street), New York, NY 10005 USA

Phone: 646 439-0740


Forefront is an entrepreneurial law firm focused on alternative investment funds and entrepreneurial companies. We specialize in fund formation and strategic structuring, often working in tandem with select capital raising firms. Forefront has an active transactional practice involving fund investments, sales of management groups and funds, and restructuring. We also work with a number of start-up funds to help them craft the right structure for their nascent business.
Forefront has developed a unique model of partner-level attorneys from leading New York firms (Cravath, Schulte, Morgan Lewis, Chadbourne) who enjoy doing the work themselves rather than passing off to associates. As a result, clients enjoy direct access to their counsel and the benefit of much lower bills due to the lack of "vertical churn" (i.e., lawyers billing for conversations with themselves). We are also on the forefront of alternative fee arrangements, with almost no hourly billings and a strong preference for fixed fees, success fees, and project-based fees that transfer the risk of inefficiencies to us and align our incentives with those of our clients.